How To Play MahJongg


The object of the game is to select available, matching tiles and to remove them from the mahjong board in as little time as possible.


Traditional - A traditional solitaire mahjong tileset consists of 42 individual tiles.

mahjong solitaire tiles

The first 34 tiles in a traditional mahjong set are unique in that during game play they will only match to another tile that is identical.

mahjong solitaire tiles

The remaining eight tiles in this type of traditional mahjong set are divided into two themed groups of four.

mahjong solitaire tiles

Traditionally these themed groups are represented by Seasons and Flowers. These tiles will have differing images, yet the four in each themed group will match to any in the same group. For example, the Summer tile in the group of four Seasons tiles will match to the Winter tile in the group of four Seasons tiles even though the picture on the tile is different. The same holds true for the set of Flowers.

Variations - These mahjong solitaire tilesets consist of 36 individual tiles that match only to another tile that is identical. These sets do not have groups that match by theme.

mahjong solitaire tiles


Traditional - A traditional mahjong solitaire layout consists of 144 tiles. For a traditional set of tiles the game will use four of each of the 34 unique tiles in the set and two of each themed group. For a variational tileset the game will use four of each of the 36 individual tiles to make the layout.

Variations - These mahjong layouts vary in number anywhere from Tiny 18 tile layouts to Mega 288 tile layouts. To make these tile arrangements, the game will randomly pick which tiles in the tileset are used for play.


An available mahjong tile will popup when the cursor moves over it. A single-click will select the tile, and a border will appear on it. To un-select the tile single-click on it again.


If the game rules are set to match pairs, a single-click on another available, matching mahjong tile will remove the pair from the game board. If the game rules are set to match three, a single-click on three matching mahjong tiles will remove them from the game board. Both the Available Tile rules and the Number of Matching Tiles can be altered to preference in the game settings.