How To Make a Tileset Using the New Tileset Maker

Create custom tilesets from virtually any image! Make tilesets of friends and family, favorite sports logos, cute and cuddly pets, baby pictures, and more. Imagination is key with this powerful customization tool.

Open the Tileset Maker:

From the Game ribbon, chose Tileset Maker. This will open the Tileset Maker which allows for player-created custom tilesets to be created and edited.

mahjong solitaire tileset maker

Open - Opens a player-created tileset. This can open a complete or partial set to be edited and saved.

Save - Saves the state of the currently open player-created tileset. This is especially helpful to continue creating a tileset at a later date.

Save As - Saves the current state of the open player-created tileset as a new tileset.

Close - Closes the Tileset Maker. If all 36 images have been added, the Tileset Maker will load the new player-created tileset into the game to play.

Create a Custom Tileset:

  • Click any blank tile to add a custom image. This will open a Window to the user's Pictures directory on their computer.
  • Browse to where the pictures to use are located.
  • Select a picture to use. This will open the Tileset Selector dialog showing the chosen image:
    mahjong solitaire tileset maker

  • Use the + and -, or a mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out of the image.
    mahjong solitaire tileset maker

  • Use the arrows inside the circle to move the image in any direction once zoomed in.
    mahjong solitaire tileset maker

  • Use the center circle to bring zoom all the way out.

    mahjong solitaire tileset maker

  • Drag the cursor inside the image shown to select a tile-size portion of the image.
    mahjong solitaire tileset maker

  • Once the tile selection is determined, click Select to add it to the custom tileset.
    mahjong solitaire tileset maker

  • Repeat this same process for the next 35 images.
  • Save the tileset.
  • Click close to load the tileset into the game.
  • Saved player-created tilesets are located in the Player Folder found by Browsing Tilesets.