Moraff's MahJongg Features

In addition to new Tilesets, Layouts, Backgrounds, Cursors, Sounds Effects, and Custom Music, Moraff's MahJongg also includes the following:

New Tileset Maker:

Create custom tilesets from virtually any image! Make tilesets of friends and family, favorite sports logos, cute and cuddly pets, baby pictures, and more. Imagination is key with this powerful customization tool.

mahjong solitaire tileset maker

Ribbonbar Interface:

The menu system and toolbar have been designed into a ribbonbar interface that makes all game options easily accessible.

mahjong solitaire ribbonbar

Layout Choices By Size:

This option organizes all the layouts in all GamePacks into size categories based on number of tiles.

mahjong solitaire layouts

Enhanced Statistics:

Statistics are kept for each layout in the game. The game tracks the total and percentage of all games won and lost per layout and by each player. The game also keeps a top ten high score list for each layout as well as how many times each layout has been played and the average win time.

mahjong solitaire statistics

Multi-User Account Creation:

Moraff's MahJongg supports multiple users. Each user can create their own player and set their own game preferences. Statistics can be viewed for each player, and any saved GamePacks can be viewed and used by all players.

mahjong solitaire players

Awards & Rewards System:

Awards can be won by winning games quickly, not cheating, and many others. Fortune cookie rewards are available for every win!

mahjong solitaire awards