Moraff's MahJongg XIV International Download

  • Contains 101 Game Sets
  • NEW Tileset Maker
  • Fully Customizable!
  • Expandable with Add-on Games
  • Multi-Language Support

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Moraff's MahJongg is now INTERNATIONAL!

MahJongg XIV Intl.png

Now Available By Popular Demand
Play Moraff's MahJongg in 8 different languages:

Chinese - English - French - German - Italian - Polish - Russian - Spanish

Use the NEW Languages option on the Player ribbon to translate the game:

MahJongg Player Ribbon

New Tileset Maker and Powerful Customization Tools

A ribbon interface brings powerful, quick access to all game settings. Change tilesets, layouts, backgrounds, cursors, music, sound effects, and game rules all from the ribbon bar.

MahJongg Player Ribbon


New Tileset Maker Now Included!

Create custom tilesets from virtually any image! Make tilesets of friends and family, favorite sports logos, cute and cuddly pets, baby pictures, and more. Imagination is key with this powerful customization tool.

MahJongg Tileset Maker


Exceptional Quality Tilesets, Backgrounds, Layouts, Cursors, and Music

  • check.png 101 Tilesets!
  • check.png 101 Backgrounds!
  • check.png 353 Layouts!
  • check.png 220 Custom Cursors!
  • check.png 3+ Hours of Music!
  • check.png Great Awards to Win!
  • check.png Supports Multiple Users!
  • check.png 100% Customizable!
  • check.png Tileset Maker!


15 New Tilesets Including:

Moraff's MahJongg XIV TilesetMoraff's MahJongg Coffee & Tea TilesetMoraff's MahJongg Glass Art TilesetMoraff's MahJongg Mosaic TilesetMoraff's MahJongg Sunburst TilesetMoraff's MahJongg Sweets & Treats Tileset


14 New Layouts Including:

Moraff's MahJongg Japanese Arch LayoutMoraff's MahJongg Mosaic LayoutMoraff's MahJongg Rock Garden LayoutMoraff's MahJongg Candy Layout


15 New Backgrounds Including:

Moraff's MahJongg XIV BackgroundMoraff's MahJongg Japanese Gardens BackgroundMoraff's MahJongg Rock Garden BackgroundMoraff's MahJongg Sweets & Treats Background


14 New Custom Cursors Including:



Custom Music By Composer Liam Tarpey:

Composer Liam Tarpey